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Give what you want to receive.

Had a snow day today! I was playing with my oldest son and chose to read a magazine rather than be present with him in that moment. After reflecting briefly, I realized that if I want him to be present with me as we grow older together, that I need to do the same. So, I put the magazine down and ate some pretend clementines and soup. It was delicious. Since we are humans, this may apply to everyone that teaches and expects ANYTHING from their students. First, I'm guilty of not doing more of the things that model what I expect from my students. With that said, how can I expect to be trusted if I don't trust my students? How can I expect patience if I'm not patient with my students? How can I expect respect if I'm not being respectful to my students? You get the point. It seems that we all know this idea of giving what we would like to have is true in many ways. The hard part is actually doing it. Do it. I'm working on it too.