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What is teacher credibility?

If you were like me three years ago, you may have been in a staff meeting and just first learning that teacher credibility was 'a thing'. I learned that a guy named John Hattie had done an enormous amount of research on the influences that increase (and decrease) student achievement. Specifically, I learned that teacher credibility was a top five positive influence on student achievement. So what is 'teacher credibility' and how does one increase it with their students? To begin, we must understand the four aspects of teacher credibility. I'm not going to tell you what to do (in this post) but here's what they are so you know. Number 1: TRUST The ability to place confidence in the other. (Verderber and Verderber, 1995) A teacher that is trusted by their students is deemed more credible. Shocking, I know. Number 2: COMPETENCE The perception that students have of the teacher concerning their degree of knowledge on topics, abilities to command such knowledge, and abilities to communicate this knowledge clearly. (Haskins, W., 2000) Number 3: DYNAMISM The degree to which the audience admires and identifies with the source's attractiveness, power or forcefulness, and energy. (Larson, 1992, p. 226) Number 4: IMMEDIACY The behavior a teacher displays that reduces the physical and psychological distance between himself or herself and the student. (Haskins, W., 2000) There is SO much more to know about teacher credibility. I intend on figuring it out while sharing what I'm learning with you!