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A day of apologies.

Today was a day of apologies. First, I was impatient with students in the library because they weren't reading. I quickly learned that someone was overly concerned about a classmate and needed to talk to someone about it. I apologized for not being patient. Then, students weren't supposed to use a certain staircase and told them to turn around. I quickly learned that they had permission and I was wrong. I apologized to the students that I confused because I assumed some things (and you know what happens when you assume). Lastly, I spoke with a parent about an interaction with a student last week and realized I could have communicated better about the situation. I apologized for not contacting them to share the concern. It hasn't always been easy to apologize for the things I've messed up but I do know that I feel much better about myself when I do. Teachers are human and humans make mistakes. You're human. Be one.