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Credible teachers encourage others (students) to talk.

Affinity-seeking is defined as "the social-communicative process by which individuals attempt to get others to like them (Bell and Daly, 1984a). Since teachers are individuals and human, I'm looking into what teachers can do to increase their affinity-seeking behaviors in hopes of increasing overall credibility with their students. Here is number 8. Encouraging other(s) to talk (elicit others disclosures). What the teacher can do? Teacher encourages the student to talk by asking questions and reinforces student for talking. Teacher inquires about the student's interests, hobbies, opinions, views, etc. Teacher responds as if these are important (actual words from study) and continues to ask questions of the student. The (my) takeaway: First off, I'd like to take a moment to recognize the wording above. 'Responds as if these (student interests) are important' is another way of saying that the teacher doesn't really care but has to act like it. If we are really trying to build credibility as a teacher, it seems that we'd want this to go from acting to a genuine caring for our students.

Source: The Affinity-Seeking of Classroom Teachers: A Second Perspective. (Gorham, Kelley, & McCrosky)