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As we all know, leadership in the classroom is something all teachers know from an experiential perspective. What type of leader a teacher is can depend on how they communicate all of the expectations they have for their students. There are two major types of leaders in the classroom: transactional and transformative. We want to be the latter, based on what research is saying (and if we want to leave a legacy, in my opinion). Transactional teachers motivate students by providing or withholding extrinsic rewards (Conger, 1999). If you do this, then that happens. Aren't we all guilty of this? Transformational teachers focus on the students need for meaning and development. They are focused on empowering students rather than the strategies used to control them (Conger, 1999). So, how do we become more transformational in a transactional system? I don't know. For me, it's the awareness that this is what's happening a majority of the time in schools (guilty) and using the OPPORTUNITY we have as individual teachers to make another choice when we can. Changing our ways may not happen overnight but it will never happen at all if we aren't aware of it and take the time to consider a new choice. Then, we can empower our students to be all that they want to be by simply giving them the opportunity to do so. Or, at least giving them the opportunity to try.