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People show they care in many different ways. Some show they care by giving away money. Some show they care by giving away time. Some show they care by simply being there. We all know teachers aren't showing they care by giving away their money, so what ways do teachers show they care about their students? For me, showing I care comes in a variety of ways. Most days it looks like greeting students at the door and telling them I'm glad their at school that day. Somedays I show it by giving each student in class a mint as they finish up their silent reading for the period. Other days it may look like asking students a question about their upcoming weekend or taking time for students to share with the class what they did over the previous weekend. Unfortunately and fortunately, some days showing that I care about my students looks like me calling them out for their choices, both individually and as a class. I'm not complaining. It's one part, of the many, that makes this job what it is. A job that has the potential to changes lives. I often tell students that I can't make them do anything. I truly believe that. I can't make them respect others (or themselves), do their homework, or manage their time more efficiently. But showing students I care sometimes means that I'm making students aware of their choices so they can make a different one, if they so choose. Showing students that I care can be exhausting. Many times, I'd be much easier to do or say nothing. No emails home or time spent talking about what I'm observing. And this is why credible teachers are ones that show they care, constantly. Teachers don't 'have' to do many of the things that change the way our students perceive us. It seems that the ones that do, often are perceived as the ones that truly care. I'm still working on being a teacher that does the things I don't 'have' to do.