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We are all human. Students have had different (not better or worse) experiences than their teachers have. It seems I'm often sharing with students that I haven't figured out life and that I'm continuously working on myself. A conversation with a parent regarding their struggling student made me realize that we are ALL growing and evolving at different rates and that it's occurring constantly. We can't NOT grow and evolve. We are continually impacted by our environment regardless of whether or not we want to be. Our brain (subconscious) is interpreting information while we have no idea it's happening. So, what's the point? It's that we (me too) are expecting things to be one way in our classrooms OR students to act a certain way. The part we/I forget to consider is that just like the students we serve, we were once making decisions based on how we perceived the world (and we still are). We made mistakes when we were in school. We still make mistakes. Expecting our students to not make mistakes (even when it's beyond frustrating) is causing stress on us. We have enough things to stress about in our society. Let's not add this avoidable habit of judgement to the list. Our students are human. Let's model what it looks like for them.