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I'm reading another fantastic piece in the April @thesunmagazine issue. Dorothy Roberts is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and founding director of the Penn Program in Race, Science, and Society. In the article she's being interviewed by Mark Leviton @markleviton on the myths of race. Dorothy comments that scientists who led the Human Genome Project made it a point to say that human genetic variation isn't divided into races. Also, that the amount of genetic variation between people of the so-called same race is GREATER than the amount of genetic variation BETWEEN races. So, that means we are even more like someone (genetically) that has different colored skin than people with the same color skin as us!!! What we tend to believe is merely an illusion, at times. There's only one human race, as Dorothy's parents used to say to her growing up in a biracial household. As a privileged white male, I haven't (personally) experienced much the historically negative consequences from our past. With that said, I am still a part of it all right now, in this moment in time. It seems like the very least I can do is remind all of us, as I learn more about it, that we are more alike than we are different. There's only one human race. Let's starting acting like it.