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This 'excessive worrying' narrative has to stop, or at least become more balanced. It seems that if teachers aren't worrying about their students outside of the school day it means they aren't REALLY teachers, which is complete silliness. It's easy to succumb to the guilt associated with this notion in a society that continually tells us we aren't good enough to take care of ourselves first. It's easy to believe that I'm not a great (or even good) teacher when you see posts that insinuate that I need to worry about things I have NO control over. Teachers are humans just like the other 360,000,000+ humans in our society. Is it healthy (or reasonable) for an accountant to worry about the small business owners they work with outside of their work day? Obviously not. Teachers care for another human being and their wellbeing, not the accuracy associated with tax documents that occur once a year. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others! You'll be happier and your students will respond accordingly.