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It seems that many people (including myself) make things much more difficult than they need to be. We are always searching for the quick fix. The easiest way to lose weight. The easiest way to do just about everything in life. The same could be said about being viewed as a teacher that's trusted (credible) by their students. The 'easy' way is to do things that get students to like you initially. This may work for a bit, but then the individuality of students presents itself and the honeymoon effect is over. The same old behaviors that students have expressed over the years (that you've heard about) begin to become more regular in your class and now the ish starts to hit the fan. These inevitable moments are the ones that seem to separate credible teachers from the rest. These moments are the ones that students know will happen and are waiting to see how the teacher handles it. These moments are seemingly impossible to plan for. THAT'S why this tweet makes sense to me and is my current truth. How I handle situations in the classroom comes down to how I perceive myself and my role as a teacher. If I view myself as someone that is respectful to others and therefore expects respect from others, this will come across during the interaction. It just does. Not sure how but it does. However, if I don't perceive myself as someone that deserves respect, guess what happens. If you are someone struggling with this please know you are worthy of being treated well by others, including your students. Our students need to see people that love and accept themselves so they know what it looks like. Be that person for your students. They need you.