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I find myself often asking my five year old to '"show it" after I remind him to do something and he initially say, "I know!" It seems like I need to take some of my own advice when it comes to showing my students that I care about them. As this quote from research focused on perceived teacher caring suggests, teachers need to make sure students KNOW they care about them. Or, at least find a way to be perceived as caring. I say it a lot on my podcast that teachers pick (or get picked?) education because they care about young people and want to make a difference. Few have heeded the call based on lucrative salaries and signing bonuses. If you will, take this as a reminder that we need to find a way to show our students we care about them in order to be perceived as a teacher that cares. We all care. Now we just have to find a way to show it in a way that our students truly understand.