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We are more than just teachers.

Obvious, right? A lot of my identity as a human is wrapped up in what I 'do' with my time. I guess you could make a case that what we do with our time becomes who we truly are. Even so, I (we) am much more than just a teacher. I am a father. I am a husband. I am a friend. I am a meditator. I am a donut eater. I am a son and sibling. We are lots of things to ourselves and others. The only problem, from what I've experienced, is that our students don't seem to view us as anything but a teacher. Are you surprised? I'm not. After reflecting on the last 10 years of teaching, I've realized that teachers (in general) don't put themselves in positions to change the way their students perceive them. At least I didn't to begin my career. Each year I seem to realize more about the process of creating relationships with students and how I 'come off' to them through our interactions. Each year I am less fearful that me telling students that I care about them will make me look 'weak'. Each year I am more comfortable telling students the truth about their actions and how it makes me and others feel. Each year I share more about what I've learned that I hope will help them, because they know I care about their futures. We are all more than just teachers. The crappy part is that we tend to forget that our students can't see us as anything else. Put yourself in positions that will allow students to view you as another human being. Teachers are humans too. Students just don't realize it all the time