Mike Huebner

I reflect on what it means to be a 'credible' teacher...whatever that is.



Many people can recall the teachers that made an impact on their lives in some way. What was it about them? Was their impact positive or did their actions motivate the former students to prove them wrong? Either way, teacher credibility has been proven to be an integral part of the student experience.

Research on teacher credibility shows that there are certain behaviors that create opportunities for students to perceive one teacher as more credible than another. That is what fascinates me.

It's my goal, through documenting my experiences as a classroom teacher, to discover what it means to be a credible teacher. A teacher my students will remember. A teacher who impacted their lives in a positive way that was based on trust and dare I say, love. 


April 24, 2019

I feel like there's two ways we can look at student behavior.

One is that they are doing it on purpose and it's directed at us.

The other is that they are struggling with someone/something and it has nothing to do with us.

Asking a student to join me for lunch/rece...

April 18, 2019

Most of the things we do in life are based on the perspective that we currently have at that time.

We can't buy something at a store that will give us perspective (you can make the case that a book might though). It's an odd situation where the things we experience, s...

April 12, 2019

Obvious, right?

A lot of my identity as a human is wrapped up in what I 'do' with my time. I guess you could make a case that what we do with our time becomes who we truly are.

Even so, I (we) am much more than just a teacher.

I am a father.
I am a husband.
I am a f...

April 10, 2019

James McCrosky was a communication researcher that studied teacher credibility at great length.

One consistent theme McCrosky (1992) found was that 'perceived caring' from the student's perspective influenced how the teacher was viewed.

If the student perceives the t...